ORFA (One Run Fixed A-factor) was created by pioneering geochemist Dr. Douglas Waples of Sirius Exploration Geochemistry and StratoChem’s Hossam Ali. Designed especially for petroleum explorationists who want to determine source-rock kinetics,this software analyzes data from a single pyrolysis run using a logical, intuitive interface allowing for full customization of kinetics parameters
In addition, ORFA:


  • Provides more accurate fits to pyrolysis curves.
  • Allows variation of the spacing of activation energy (Ea) values.
  • Predicts gas/oil ratios.
  • Provides distinct kinetics for oil and gas generation, as desired.
  • Permits new applications of source-rock kinetics as thermal indicators.
  • Indicates unseen organofacies in apparently homogeneous rock.
  • Permits the reprocessing of archived pyrolysis data to determine kinetic values.
  • Gives users the option of converting source-rock kinetics derived using one A factor into-kinetics using a different A factor.
  • Estimates the proportion of oil and gas generated by a kerogen based on its original Hydrogen Index (HI).
  • Generates different kinetics for oil generation compared to gas generation.