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10 years ago, we started building our analytical database system and a few software programs for internal use. As we improved the software based on suggestions from our scientific team, it became stronger and stronger until in 2016, we decided it was time to share it with the world, allowing scientists to interpret data easily, quickly, accurately, and inexpensively.

Resolution is your one-stop shop to interpret, correlate and analyze large amounts of data. The suite includes seven different individual software programs, each built to generate geochemical solutions through more efficient data management.

ORFA, the kinetics software created in collaboration with Dr. Douglas Waples, is designed to provide accurate fits to pyrolysis curves, allow variation of spacing of activation energy values, predict gas-oil ratios, deliver distinct kinetics for oil and gas generation as desired, and much more.

Got a compartmentalized reservoir? Or are you running a commingled production well? StratoChem has you covered with our reservoir software Resolve, designed to analyze and assess your reservoir production efficiency through automated correlations between samples, reservoir continuity assessment, allocation of commingled production for up to 8 zones, and comparisons between samples to better pinpoint oil families.

OilPrints and OilView together process, check and view gas chromatograms to identify and describe characteristic peaks from any type of GC and GCMS instrument. Once you’ve generated your peaks and extracted the necessary geochemical data, our software HORUS has over 70 built-in plots to help you interpret your data.

Hand-in-hand with HORUS, StratoChem is offering the mapping software Sweet Spot, designed to provide users with the freedom to map plot ratios, sample parameters, and wells all on a global scale.

The StratoChem logging software Payzone seamlessly displays well logs with different depths and various lithological patterns, while also incorporating Rockwash images with corresponding depths. With Payzone, users are able to import .LAS files and generate geochemical logs effectively.

Resolution provides you with a complete set of software to help you create visual deliverables quickly and accurately for your team. Constantly under regular updates, Resolution has already generated interest among some of the most respected companies in the industry. Please feel free to check out our website for more information on Resolution, and contact us to set up a free trial of the suite.

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