StratoChem now offers QEMSCAN Technology to the Egyptian Oil & Gas Industry

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StratoChem is proud to announce that it will be offering QEMSCAN analytical services to the Egyptian market through SGS’s Advanced Reservoir Quality Services team. QEMSCAN is a highly versatile rock and mineral analysis tool with applications that include lithotyping, stratigraphic correlations, and determining mineralogy, grain density, macro porosity, mineral size, and other textural properties to measure and characterise reservoir variation.

SGS’s ARQS team brings over 10 years’ of experience in QEMSCAN analysis specifically for the the oil and gas industry and have helped operators from all over the world gain a better understanding of their reservoirs. ARQS specialises in the analysis of drill cuttings and core, but can also characterise scales, sediments and unknown materials found anywhere throughout the oil and gas lifecycle.

StratoChem Services will facilitate local business development and logistical support to allow for a seamless sample submission process for their clients. Samples are shipped, free of charge, to SGS’s laboratory in Vancouver, Canada. Most projects have preliminary results reported within 4 to 6 weeks.

StratoChem is honored to be included in this new initiative, and is pleased to offer this valuable service to its Egyptian clients.

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