Geophysical analysis, and especially the use of seismic data, is a petroleum industry standard.  By mapping the appearance of geological formations beneath the earth, seismic technology gives a physical picture of a prospect in two, three, and even four dimensions.  But seismic cannot answer the crucial geochemical questions which ultimately decide a petroleum system’s viability.

In spite of this, petroleum exploration companies routinely risk billions of dollars and innumerable hours by putting all their trust in only partial datasets even though they could acquire petroleum information very easily and inexpensively with geochemistry. Working with StratoChem Services, you can prevent that.  Through the innovative geochemical solutions and techniques below, we provide the rest of the picture quickly, affordably, and accurately.

Source Rock Characterization                                   Oil & Gas Characterization

Total Organic Carbon Analysis                                                                                  Whole Oil Gas Chromatography

Thermal Pyrolysis                                                                                                        Medium Pressure Liquid Chromatography

Extraction                                                                                                                      Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Total Sulfur & Carbon Content

Vitrinite Reflectance & Kerogen Microscopy


Studies & Solutions                                                      New Technology

Western Desert Study                                                                                                 Rockwash

One-Run Kinetics                                                                                                         X-Ray Fluorescence

Reservoir Continuity                                                                                                   Research & Development

Production Allocation                                                                                                 Thermal Extraction

Levantine Basin Study