StratoChem offers quick, reliable service around the world, but we can’t be everywhere at once. So how do you organize, interpret, and implement geochemical data rapidly, efficiently, and accurately without an on-staff geochemist? You use our proprietary software, of course. The result of painstaking collaboration between our highly experienced geoscientists and a top team of in-house programmers, StratoChem’s fully customizable geochemical analysis programs give your team the power to quickly and authoritatively manage geochemical data for maximum use in exploration decision-making. Best, all programs in StratoChem’s software suite are constantly updated through affordable subscriptions and feature support from the very team that created them, ensuring only the most accurate, useful, and up-to-date programs at all times. Think of it as a StratoChem geoscientist on your very own hard drive.

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Designed to display the peaks generated by gas chromatography analysis without requiring the generating software, Resolve automates correlation between samples, and uses built-in algorithms to assist in reservoir continuity and commingled production allocation studies. The software is flexible, allowing users to choose diagnostic peak ratios for user-friendly pattern comparisons and reservoir production assessment. Read more


ORFA (One Run Fixed A-factor) was created by pioneering geochemist Dr. Douglas Waples of Sirius Exploration Geochemistry and StratoChem’s Hossam Ali. Designed especially for petroleum explorationists who want to determine source-rock kinetics, this software analyzes data from a single pyrolysis run using a logical, intuitive interface allowing for full customization of kinetics parameters. Read more




OilPrints is a powerful program designed to display data generated by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (biomarker) analysis without the need for purchasing high-priced, machine-specific software. Automating correlations between samples for greater speed and convenience, this user-friendly program is designed to easily overlay, combine, zoom, and scroll multiple GC chromatographs or GC-MS fragmentograms at one time. Read more

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Using the same displays found in OilPrints, our viewer software OilView gives your team the power to compare and contrast gas chromatographs and fragmentograms of specific ions quickly and with ease. Streamlining viewing, OILVIEW automates peak comparison of data generated by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (biomarker) analysis. Read more

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StratoChem’s new plotting software,HORUS,provides basic but extensive geochemical interpretation by auto-plotting your data on a series of 70 pre-existing oil and gas templates.HORUS gives users insight into the migration of hydrocarbons,the extent of biodegradation ,and the identification of depositional environments in one powerful tool.using well-documented and accepted geochemical ratios. Read more