Research & Development

DSCF0417Innovation is an Egyptian tradition, and here at StratoChem we take pride in being on the cutting-edge of the dynamic field of oil and gas research.  As such, development of new technologies and better analytical procedures is an integral part of what we do. Our scientists, working in-house and in conjunction with specialists around the world, have made some exciting discoveries that promise to improve the functioning and accuracy of both new and established geochemical techniques.  Additionally, we welcome joint research ventures with the goal of developing new technologies for your company or for independent commercialization and sale to the industry.  Applied geochemical research is also available from our highly talented, scientifically curious staff of geoscientists.

Our newly-designed extractor cuts the time required for the process down to a mere half hour.

Our newly-designed extractor cuts the time required for the process down to a mere half hour.

Recently, StratoChem engineers shortened the time required for solvent extraction (vital for removing the soluble bitumen or oil out of rock samples) to a mere half-hour per sample, cutting your wait from potentially weeks for a batch of samples to a few days.  In addition, StratoChem has begun to use thermal extraction as a substitute for the older and less precise Soxhlet extraction.  While Soxhlet extraction can be used to prepare samples for further analysis, light ends are often lost in the process.  Thermal extraction takes place in a closed system, with samples extracted and subjected to gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry as part of one process, enabling the collection of more accurate data.

DSCF0407Our scientists have also experimented continuously with x-ray fluorescence detection, increasing the number of elements detected by the handheld XRF tool to just under forty and improving the quality and accuracy of its detection.  This improved XRF is available for laboratory analysis or field rental.

Check back with us often to see how our ingenuity and commitment to scientific advancement are shaping tomorrow’s petroleum industry.