One-Run Kinetics

Traditional Kinetics

Traditional kinetics.

One-Run Kinetics

One-run kinetics.

Traditional kinetics performs thermal pyrolysis on a rock sample at three different rates, utilizing the resulting data to clearly delineate the hydrocarbon kitchen and basin organofacies. Though capable of producing data of immense utility, traditional kinetics is an expensive and time-consuming process, often requiring hours to complete pyrolysis of a single sample.

One-run kinetics eliminates the need for three different heating rates by fixing the A factor in the Arrhenius equation to a value consistent with the observed laws of thermodynamics, enabling the generation of twenty times more data in the same time-frame.  This greater store of data enables a more precise distinction of organofacies. For further information on one-run kinetics, we refer you to StratoChem’s partners, Sirius Exploration Geochemistry.