Levantine Basin Study

Seismic data from Spectrum ASA used in the Levant Basin study.

Seismic data from Spectrum ASA used in the Levant Basin study.

TOC analysis shows oil and gas prone source rocks in the Levant. Curious to know where?

Total Organic Carbon analysis confirms oil- and gas-prone source rocks in the Levant. Curious to know where? Contact us.

In 2010, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated a mean of 1.7 billion barrels of recoverable oil and a mean of 122 trillion cubic of recoverable gas in the Levant Basin Province.  Despite the promise of the area and the successes of neighbors to the south and west, the Levant Basin has never seen significant exploration.  Geochemical data for the area is sparse, and the USGS even admitted that it was unable to pinpoint the likely source rocks or differentiate genetic hydrocarbon families.  Even after the recent bonanza of seismic work done in the Levant Basin, reliable well-placement decisions still cannot yet be made without source rock and other geochemical data.

For StratoChem, the solution was simple: we got the samples ourselves.

First, StratoChem acquired samples in cooperation with the American University in Beirut from coastal outcroppings representing Lebanon’s Chekka Formation. These samples were analyzed using the full range of StratoChem Services’s geochemical rock and extract analysis techniques, including our unique one-run personalized kinetics for accurate calculations of GOR and kerogen-typing.  Next, StratoChem collaborated with Spectrum ASA, making use of its extensive, high-quality 2d seismic data for the Eastern Mediterranean.  What resulted was crucial East Mediterranean data unavailable anywhere else.

This unique combination of data allowed StratoChem to:

-Determine potential kitchen areas

-Assess the quality, maturity, and thermal history of potential source rocks

-Estimate times of hydrocarbon generation and expulsion

-Delineate likely gas and oil migration pathways as well as the actual potential hydrocarbon accumulations

The results shed a fascinating and much-needed light on this increasingly important exploration frontier. For further information on pricing and study content, please contact StratoChem.


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