Egypt’s Western Desert: An Interpretive Study

StratoChem Services is pleased to announce the availability of a multi-client geochemical study of the Cenomanian-Turonian sediments from over 60 wells in the unstable shelf of the North Western Desert, Egypt.  Primarily new and some integrated data from 3200 source rock, 28 oil, and 69 extract samples underwent exhaustive geochemical analysis and interpretation worth nearly $0.5 million to assess parameters such as oil-oil correlations, source-rock maturity, and oil-source correlations.

CT Sample Map

The resulting report:

-Identifies and evaluates quantity and quality of the source rocks supplying hydrocarbons to the Upper Cretaceous reservoirs in the North Western Desert.

Total Organic Carbon analysis of Western Desert samples gave us intriguing results. Contact us for more information. . .

Total Organic Carbon analysis of Western Desert samples gave us fascinating results. Contact us for more information. . .

-Determines source rock maturities (VR, Tmax, Mean Ea) and their effects in different wells/basins.

-Differentiates organofacies within the Abu Roash “F” section using kinetics and advanced source rock geochemical data.

-Identifies sequence boundaries (LST, HST, and MFS) within the Abu Roash “F” section.

-Constructs conceptual model unifying source rock, kinetics, organofacies, oil, and sequence-stratigraphic result.

-Evaluates source rock candidates for the reservoired oils, with emphasis on, (1) relationships between those oil families and the proposed Upper Cretaceous source rocks and, (2) speculation about other possible source rocks for those oils.

Data and report deliverables to subscribers include:

Available immediately, this study is the first of a planned series of studies aimed at characterizing the Cenomanian-Turonian sediments along the Mediterranean coast from Lebanon to Tunisia.  Please contact us for further information and study pricing.