About Us

Company Picture Cropped StratoChem Services was founded in 1989 by two experienced Egyptian geoscientists, Mohamed Said and Tarek El-Azhary.  The pair met as geology students at Cairo University, but remained close friends after graduation.  After years of worldwide experience working in the petroleum industry, Said and El-Azhary realized the oil and gas sector in their home country consistently spent a great deal of money on exploration projects that utilized incomplete information.  Knowing that even simple geochemical analyses could reveal previously undiscovered resources and make expensive drilling in prospects lacking needed geochemical features for the production of profitable hydrocarbons unnecessary, the pair decided to provide the missing services themselves. Started with just personal savings, a small lab in Cairo, and a mechanical engineer, StratoChem has grown into a world-class provider of petroleum analysis and interpretation.  Today, StratoChem stands as the largest independently-owned laboratory in the Middle East and North Africa, benefiting the upstream industry in our region and around the world.