• GEO2018 Bahrain
    StratoChem will be exhibiting at the GEO2018 in Bahrain! Come visit us at booth (015)!
  • The largest independent geochemical testing company in the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Superior analysis and interpretation utilizing the latest instrumentation.
  • Over twenty years' oil and gas experience, at your service.
  • We don't just practice top-quality science; we expand it.
  • Friendly, knowledgeable, professional service delivered globally.
  • Exploring in the Levantine Basin? Our joint study with Spectrum ASA is available to give you the inside story on your acreage.
  • StratoChem is pleased to announce the launch of our Western Desert study, the first in a planned series of commercial studies of the Cenomanian-Turonian sediments from Lebanon to Tunisia.
  • StratoChem Services has worked in over 40 countries on 6 continents with dozens of companies.

NEW: Check out our Western Desert and Levantine Basin studies!

StratoChem Services

Welcome to StratoChem Services, the largest independent petroleum geochemistry analysis and interpretation company in the Middle East and Africa. Founded in 1989, StratoChem has consistently provided rapid, accurate geochemical analysis to the petroleum industry in exploration, production and development. Though based in Cairo, Egypt, our talented staff of geologists, engineers and geochemists have benefited companies in over fifteen countries and across four continents with their knowledge, insight and experience. Since 2012, more than 20% of work has come from companies in the United States!

StratoChem Services is a lab with global outreach.

Solutions for Today’s Petroleum Industry

Scientific excellence. . .

Accessing the planet’s petroleum reserves has become an increasingly complex and expensive task. The risks already inherent in exploration become even greater as reaching oil and natural gas entails ever deeper and more complex drilling, in ever more difficult settings, all with ever more expensive technology. Gambling millions—even billions—of dollars on an incomplete dataset, potentially squandering precious time, money, and work on barren prospects, has become an everyday risk in the petroleum industry.

It doesn’t need to be. Avoid risks by making proper use of geochemistry.


. . .meets innovative solutions.

What if you could know the quality of your well before drilling its total depth? What if you could know in days whether to keep digging or move on? For twenty-five years, StratoChem Services has been making these possibilities real for hundreds of exploration, production, and development teams in both supermajors and local companies around the world. Beyond generating the highest-quality data for its clients, StratoChem delivers that information all over the globe faster than any other lab in the business—faster even than our customers’ local labs. What’s more, we routinely offer this superior turnaround time at prices competitive with or lower than alternative labs. How? It’s all due to the hard work of our staff, the experience and training of our scientists, and the superb quality of our facilities.

StratoChem is constantly innovating. We utilize the most cutting-edge technologies available to offer the widest range of geochemical, analytical, and interpretive services on the market, giving our clients the most comprehensive picture of their prospects available, at the lowest cost, with the least waiting time.


StratoChem Services will generate your geochemistry data faster than any lab in the world with the highest quality and most competitive prices on the market. See below for a list of our major services and solutions.